Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Contributing in the collection was people such as Julie Verhoven, an illustrator famous for her work in fashion such as Louis Vuitton and H and M. The first time I met her I was taken back by her bright yellow hair and crazy dress style. But as I got speaking to her I realised how interesting and clever she was. Julie collaborated with Christopher by creating a set to display in the background of Christopher's catwalk show. 

Also contributing in the casting of the show was Model Group Studio Boyo founded by Joel Bough,Joel worked along Chris and the team to put together a group of boys that related and worked well to represent Chris's vision for the show.
Most of the boys used are boys that Joel has found by street casting and has taken them under his wing to join him and team of other boys. 

Christopher's inspiration behind the collection was a number of sources, coming from films to household materials to a hip hop star's clothes. Chris looked at the film "La Haine" a french cult film from the late 90's in which follows a group of youths reacting to the french riots in Paris. Chris pushed on from his previous inspirations of the way youths dress by looking into european youths and the clothes that they bring to the street.

IPR are the press company which works with Christopher Shannon and many other companies. Christopher showcases his work at the showrooms of IPR which is located in Hoxton. 

Overall my time at Christopher Shannon taught me what life is like to become a Designer after graduating and building a business in the fashion industry. It also gave me a huge insight to careers within Designers. And I grew a huge liking to the Production side. Give me James Costas Michaels job any day!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012