Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Just came across this video of SKULL F.A at our Halloween house party never will I ever forget this moment!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Welcome to the world of Furdom. Here’s my step by step (or ‘paw by paw’) guide to becoming a true furry monster.

First step; pick a fursona. You can choose to become a furry that relates to your personality or you can go all out and be as creative as you wish and live in a furry fantasy!

Here are some examples of some fursona’s that are living in a furry world as we speak! It will give you a feel to come up with your name.

Vix Night Fox, Pampa Chu,  Headmaster Fox, Lion Feast.

Try to be as original as you can with a name so you can stand out of the furry crowd!

Second step you now need to make your fursona come to life by starting to design your own fursuit, you can do this by making it your self DIY style or if you would rather let someone else sew through massives of faux fur there are a people out there that do this for a living. 

Most people take inspiration from wolfs and fox's, I guess they just have a slight sexy nature about them? It's all about attracting the other furries whether their opposite sex or the same and so you could even add some sexy lingerie to your costume like this foxy chick!

I caught up with a designer who creates fursuit's as a living.

So how did you get introduced to
making costumes for the furrie fandom?
I got introduced to the fandom by a friend years ago. I didn't think 
much of it, until one day I saw pictures from a convention of some 
beautiful costumes and was totally interested in trying my hand at 
one. I had had experience with costume design before at children's 
summer camps and was up to the challenge of something more complex.
What is the most popular fursona that you make?
The most popular critters are foxes and wolves. My first two creations
 were both wolves. They are generic, simple, and lots of beautiful 
photo references available.
Here are some examples of her work:
If your interested in her work then you can check her website out at 

Here are a list of places in which you can get them specially made for your furry needs!

Or if your really getting stuck this lady has a guide on how she made her fursuit:

So you’ve got your name and your suit and so now you are ready for step 3!

Show the world that you are a furry,  you can do this in many different ways many furries meet online on forums in which they talk about each others fursonas and even play role play if they met in a fantasy world.

There are also a number of conventions in which other furries come together to meet and greet and sometimes have a little stroke if they like eachother ;)

Here’s a video to give you an insight of what a major convention in America is like, so there will be know need for you to feel nervous if it’s your first time!

You can watch part 2 and 3 on you tube if you want to follow his story more!

Now the next step you will need to get yourself noticed in the furry world, network with other furries and make friends and partnerships with furs in the fandom!

If you've got an artistic streak then you should try illustrating your character! Furries are doing this all over the net for a way to network and make friends with fellow furs!

Although there are a few raunchy ones so make sure your safe when your talking to strangers on the net!

here are some examples that people have done:

But if your more of a face to face kind of fur! Then you might want to check out the convention in St. Pauls London!

Here they meet every third Saturday! There next fur meet is on Saturday the 7th May at Jamie's Bar in the Fleet Passage at St. Pauls.

They are also hosting a big summer party on July the 30th! Here you'll get to make friends and join in on a fur parade around London in your best fursuit!

To find out more here is there website where you can find out about online forums and more up and coming events:


I hope you enjoyed this guide!

Happy Furring!